Beginning to Understand

???????????????????????????????“Seeing how God works in nature can help us understand how He works in our lives,” Janette Oke claims. Surrounded by 95 acres of woods, lake and meadow I live up close and personal to nature. Sometimes nature is slow, like a long cold spring when summer weather is hardly in time for the Fourth of July picnic. Sometimes nature is very fast. Leaves turn red with the turning of the calendar to August. Nature can feel like feast or famine—grapevines bare one year and heavy another. Nature is mysterious with more species unknown than known. Constantly changing, ever surprising, sometimes interminably slow, other times unnaturally fast are nature and God’s work in our lives.

How is God slow in your life?  How is God fast? Is God more like feast or famine? Do you want God to be mysterious or well-known?

Take some time to observe nature, and then observe God’s work in your life.

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