The Way Forward is the Way Inward

Our readers may know that the four United States provinces of the Sisters of Notre Dame are in a process of becoming one province over the next two years. Some efforts toward unification have been in the works over the past few years, but with the proximity of 2020 the efforts are intensifying. What I have found so beautiful is the peace that pervades the sisters, along with trust in those most involved in the decision-making. In this process we have had to let go, for example, the selling of our provincial center property. Paradoxically, it’s in the letting go that we can create something new.


When we gather with sisters of other provinces, there is such evident unity. We have a common vision; everyone seems to be forward-looking. What a blessing! We are open to the future, and that is why we see the present as a time of rich possibilities. We know that the heart of all life is oneness, and so we work toward oneness to let new life flourish. The way forward can only be successful by simultaneously making the way inward. As we strive for unity, readers, please join us with your prayers.

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