Arriving in America — 1874

The Sisters who came to America settled in Ohio (in Cleveland and Delphos) and in Covington, Kentucky. They are still there today. How did the Sisters get to these states?

The pastor of the Mother of God Parish in Covington went to Europe in 1870. His bishop, August Többe, asked the pastor to visit Goch on the Lower Rhein to convey greetings to Sister Modesta, the bishop’s sister. The pastor also became acquainted with the Sisters of Notre Dame in Coesfeld whose classrooms impressed him. He asked sisters for his parish in Covington. At first, the request was declined; however, the Kulturkampf began. New fields of work opened across the Atlantic.

In 1873 a lady came from England to teach the sisters English, because the bishop of Cleveland allowed only English-speaking Sisters to come to his area. On June 18, 1874, the great journey to America began. The Superior General, the foundress, and seven sisters set sail on the Rhein. singing “Ave Maris Stella.” After days of storms and seasickness, Sisters heard “Land!” It was July 3 at 4:00 in the afternoon. On Saturday, July 4 they sailed into Hoboken arbor amid flags, cannons, and fireworks as the United States celebrated its 98th birthday.

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