Anyone Can Honk

A bumper sticker reads “If you want justice, work for it. Anyone can honk.” In the past few years, many more of our Sisters are involved with social justice issues. The range of involvement extends from educating ourselves on issues and -isms to contributing to worthy causes. Our Sisters make sandwiches and deliver them to the homeless, write congresspersons and go to the border. Our work in education gives primacy to schools in the central city. Some tutor and teach English as a second language. In other ways, Sisters give power to the powerless, voice to the voiceless. While not every sister has the ability or time to devote to social justice issues, our Liturgy of the Hours (Morning and Evening Prayer) has daily petitions under the umbrella of justice: care for the environment, just legislation, food security, protection, care for babies and children, peace, and more. Whatever path to justice we choose in prayer or in action, we “should do all things in the name of Jesus” (Sister Maria Aloysia, July 13, 1881).

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  1. Cathy Schneider on December 4, 2021 at 11:24 am

    Thank you for writing these.