An Intense Hold

As I celebrate today with the Church the feast of the Visitation, I’m drawn to our Congregational Constitutions, Art. 14:

  “The more intensely the tender love of Jesus takes hold of us, the more we become free from self and available to share his love with others.”

I believe this is what Mary experienced and what compelled her to visit Elizabeth.  Jesus’ tender love captured her heart and freed her to bring Him to others.  Just as Sister Valerie wrote in her blog entry yesterday, there’s a certain “all or nothing” that comes to play in our relationship with God.  Jesus’ love captures us and takes hold of us in an intense way.  I find myself praying that God will never let me go, especially at those times when I may find His love uncomfortable and struggle to be free of His embrace.

May Jesus wrap each of us in His tender love today and may we share that same love with those we meet.

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