Always Looking for Great People

careers-prosIf schools, stores, churches, and other buildings had a banner stating “Always Looking for Great People,” I’d want to go in! I’d be curious about who was inside, the mission statement, procedures for day-to-day operations, visioning, and goals. What if next Sunday every Christian church displayed such a banner?  Would false humility keep you outside? Or would you step inside with compelling humility, confident that you called to greatness, because God “called you by name” saying “You are mine”?

Daily newspapers are telling us that Christians are being persecuted. Threats and acts of terror are now more rampant than in the early days of the Church. For so many, even children, we see the greatness in their saying “yes” when asked at gun-point, “Are you a Christian?”

Today we will not be faced with such a horrific reality, but we can begin to practice being that “great person” to which our Baptism calls us.

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  1. Sr. Marilyn Marie on October 20, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    I love this idea! Perhaps we’ll have to try it on our electronic sign here at Little Flower!