A couple decades ago, Christian songwriter Michael Card graced the world with a marvelous song called Come to the Table.  Every Holy Thursday I take time to ponder its meaning.

“All have been welcomed to come if they might … he freely offers … we freely receive … the hand that is breaking the bread soon will be broken … he’s lived his life for them all … Come to the table he’s prepared for you … the bread of forgiveness, the wine of release… come to the table and sit down beside him … the Savior wants you to join in the feast!”

Jesus makes no distinctions.  He invites them all.  Judas, who betrayed him.  Peter, who denied him.  I, who ….  We, who ….  All are invited to join in the feast, to receive the bread of forgiveness, the wine of release.  He grants us a pardon of peace.

And so, my annual Holy Thursday reflections invite me to ponder these questions:

  • Are “all” truly invited to my table?  The tables around which we Christians gather?
  • Do I / we exclude anyone from the table?
  • What makes it reasonable for me / us to act as “judge” and to exclude others when Jesus welcomes all to receive the bread of forgiveness and the wine of release?
  • How deeply do I love the “all” God has placed before me in family … in community … in ministry … in my job?
  • Who will join in my feast this Eastertide?

Happy Holy Thursday!  Receive the bread of forgiveness, the wine of release!

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