Richard Rohr claims in The Naked Now that God seems to be “totally into change.” In elementary school I learned that God was immutable, and I understood that big word to mean that God will never, ever change. God couldn’t change, because God was perfect. How could someone be improved who was already 100%? Now in my adult life having read books by Teilhard de Chardin and having attended presentations by Ilio Delio and others expounding on evolution and the discoveries of cosmologists, I understand (as much as God can be understood) that God is changing.

The pandemic has been changing everything over the past several months—individuals, communities, the whole world. The times are calling us to greatness. Great people adjust to life’s changing demands. Being patient in uncertainty and adapting to each new guideline calls for greatness. It’s the change that can help us become more like God. We’re all in this together—with God!

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