“May the Lord make you increase and abound in love” is the prayer of today’s Second Reading. What does boundless love look like? Do you see a small child running to a grandparent to encircle legs in a hug? Or an adult son or daughter caring day after day for an elderly parent shriveled with dementia and arthritis? Is it a parent working three jobs so the children receive a good education? Is it the priest ministering at two parishes? Is it yourself?

Advent is the season for boundless love. As you count the days until Christmas and wonder “How will I ever get it all done?” pray that each thing you do demonstrates boundless love. Throw a cupful of boundless love into the cookie dough. Smile at the cashier, inwardly extending boundless love. Clean your house remembering the boundless love that each room holds. Seal each Christmas card with a prayer that the Lord will make the recipients “increase and abound in love.” And in all the busyness of the month you’ll find yourself abounding in love on Christmas morning.


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