How many Hallmark movies have you watched this season? Have you noticed that a single star often marks the climax or denouement? Ever since a star guided the Magi, the star plays a central role in the Christmas story. The Bethlehem star heralded the Light of the World. The Magi found the Light and returned home. We have found the Light and keep journeying toward the Light who is our eternal home. Perhaps we’ve gone through childhood and young adulthood, professional life, maybe retirement. We’ve gone up mountains and into valleys. We’ve crossed deserts and seas. One step after another in the direction of the Star. We set out to seek him years ago with faith that we know God will be found. The light of the star always has a direct line to your heart. Feel the warmth of God touching your heart, obey your heart, set out again on your life’s journey to the Star who advances before you.

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