What is your name for God? In Advent the readings from Mass and the Hours address God with many names: O Key of David, O Root of Jesse, O Adonai. Throughout Advent I’ll share a few titles that I like, and you can think of your own name for God during your Advent prayer.reaching_the_universe-1366x768

Always-giving God – Creation and Incarnation are not two separate events but one process of God’s self-giving. The process began with “Let there be light,” exploded billions of years later when God took flesh in Mary, and will come to its completion at the end of time when all creation is united under Jesus Christ the Head. The goal in our evolving world is to reach a “Christified” universe. What a Christmas that will be when we’re all caught up in God! Come to me, Always-giving God.

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  1. Sister Susan Kusz on December 3, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    My favorite line in this reflection: “What a Christmas that will be when we’re all caught up in God!” Some time ago I had a phone conversation with a very dear friend who told me of a recent death in her family. Our conversation touched on this very reality of being “all caught up in God” … powerful, tender moments of heart-depth sharing. The exquisite beauty of sharing Christ with one another … cannot be equaled. Truly, it is then Christmas every day.

    • Kathy M on December 3, 2013 at 9:43 pm

      My favorite is Love! I have had several conversations with friends, deep conversations, always the meaning of God, the power of God is love! Love heals all, Love gives all, Love receives all, Love knows all. God is a love! Christmas is a time of love, of us giving what we can to those willing to accept it for what it is. To be all caught up in the power of God’s love, that is an awesome Christmas and when the greatest of all Christmas comes that is when love will explode and be felt for eternity.

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