faith_peopleWhen we hear that someone has cancer, the news is a call to faith. A neighbor has cancer, and three of us sisters visited him. With his children and grandchildren present, we talked about our founding sister, Sister Maria Aloysia. Then we prayed for a complete cure through her intercession. We also invited him to come to LialRenewalCenter to pray before the crucifix before which our founding sisters prayed. We will continue to pray with confidence, and our faith will continually be tested.

Did we make fools of ourselves? Are we imposing our Catholic belief on someone of another Christian denomination? What is faith? Is it acknowledging every moment as miracle? If so, does faith lead to taking miracles for granted? Or is it leaping into a realm beyond our imagining? If so, faith lands us in God.


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  1. Josita on September 6, 2013 at 6:35 pm

    Please keep my 46 year old nephew in prayer…three cancerous tumors on his brain. Thank you.

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