Red, White, and Bloom

Today was Independence Day! We sisters met at the Sisters of Notre Dame Center in Whitehouse for lunch and an afternoon of fun. The sisters living there spread a delicious picnic—each of the four “houses” providing part of the menu: burgers and hot dogs, potato salad and chips, fruits and veggies, desserts. The occasion was very life-giving. Like patriotic flowers, we felt red, white, and bloom. Yes, bloom. Our petals were uplifted by the community spirit, our stems invigorated by the hospitality, and our roots sunk deeper in the love we hold for each other. Board games and card games, swimming, paddleboat rides and golf cart rides, talking and more talking.  No dearth of fun when the Sisters gather from near and far.

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  1. Catherine (Cathy) Schneider on July 5, 2023 at 5:41 am