Peter Brook said, “We don’t know how to celebrate because we don’t know what to celebrate.” What deserves our celebration? To answer that question, we might ask another: “What doesn’t deserve our celebration?” So what shall we celebrate tomorrow? How about celebrating getting up in the morning? You’re still alive! You have another chance to love and be loved, to right wrongs, to make a difference in the world. Within the first few minutes of waking, there are at least a dozen things to celebrate: eyesight, hearing, a roof over our head, clean running water, restful sleep, loved ones. Throughout the day there will be food to eat, clothes to wear, opportunities to work and play and pray. Being grateful is a way to celebrate, to see all as gift. After all, we don’t deserve all the abundance with which we have been blessed.

Recently I heard about a gentleman battling cancer. Whenever he’s asked “How are you?” his response is always “I’m better than I deserve.” Now that’s a celebratory attitude toward life.

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