First Profession

Several of us had the joy and privilege yesterday of traveling to Chardon to celebrate the First Profession of Sister Lynette Miryam and Sister Mary Kelley.  Everything about the day was truly wonderful.  Witnessing these Sisters professing their vows certainly brought back many memories of my first profession and strengthens my daily renewing of these vows.

In his homily at the Mass of Profession, Father spoke of  the Gospel reading from the Bread of Life discourse in John’s Gospel.  Among other points, he referred to the Eucharist as sign and symbol of a greater reality than simple bread and wine.  As he spoke, I reflected that the vows and lives of these two Sisters are also sign and symbol of a greater reality.  They share with the world the reality and possibility of an incredible and amazing relationship with our God.

I pray that Sister Lynette Miryam and Sister Mary Kelley are graced with all they need to be vibrant signs of the reality of God’s love in our world.  Has there been a Sister in your life who has been/is such a witness?

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  1. Sr. Susan Maria Kusz on August 7, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Grateful for their YES to God in ND!