February 20:  Social Justice Day

I had never heard of World Day of Social Justice. Of course, there’s probably a day for everything from pizza and ice cream to wildlife and employee appreciation. In our world where discrimination, war, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and other ills caused by injustice crowd out human decency and good will, there certainly should be attention to Social Justice Day. How will you observe the day? Gerard Manley Hopkins writes that the “just man justices.” The Jesuit poet turned the noun “justice” into a verb. Justice acts, contacts lawmakers, digs community gardens, stocks food pantry shelves, votes, keeps up with current events, supports non-profit organizations. The list is long and the needs are longer. Could you “justice” something on the list?

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  1. Catherine L Schneider on February 20, 2024 at 7:08 am

    Yes, the “just man justices.”