Bead Attitudes

As a Christmas present, I received Bead Attitudes, the polymer clay artwork of Dan Roth in Sandusky, Ohio. The ten prayer beads can be prayed in multiple ways as the accompanying paper suggests. I will share a few of these ways with you. If you don’t have Bead Attitudes, a decade of the rosary or your ten fingers will be fine.

  • Pray for ten family members or persons in need
  • Repeat your favorite name for God ten times.
  • Count ten blessings.
  • Feel God’s love and light on each bead.
  • Bless ten persons you will probably meet this day.
  • Call to mind ten Scriptural names for Jesus: Shepherd, Healer, Savior, Bread of Life….

The first time I received beads at Christmas I was five years old. My four-year-old sister also received her tiny first rosary. As on every other night of the year, we prayed the family rosary on Christmas Eve. My sister and I used our new rosaries. She managed to come out to the right bead.  I was only half-way through my rosary. Just one of the many times my younger sister was smarter than I.  (Don’t worry.  We’ve always had a super-excellent attitude toward one another.)

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  1. Cathy Schneider on January 7, 2021 at 6:21 am

    I am laughing! You have such an amazing memory!