Autumn, Transition Time

???????????????????????????????Today is the first day of autumn, and I notice quite a mix of color: green and yellow soybean fields, red and green tree leaves, tan fields of dry corn next to green lawns. The change of seasons doesn’t come with one big “Aha!” moment, although sometimes our breath is taken away in a moment of Nature’s beauty. Rather the transition comes leaf by leaf, cooler weather degree by degree, another flock flying south.

In our own lives it’s the same. Unless our lives read like Guideposts, we probably have no miracle moment. We have only moment by moment by moment choices and actions. Life is a process figuring out what is the best thing to do now. We take a step toward personal improvement. We resolve to pray more. We sacrifice a little something. We decide upon a good deed. There’s tremendous power in these little pieces that build upon each other.


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