Who Needs Money When the Sisters Have Hearts of Gold?

Father Reichlin, a pastor in Cleveland, had a very poor church and school with mounting debts. Worried about the sisters’ income, he was relieved at the sisters’ modest expectations, and he agreed joyfully to have two sisters take over the school until a third could come from Germany.

Sisters began to teach in Cleveland in 1874. Three sisters taught on the east side of Cleveland and two on the west side. “Since this development had not been foreseen, Sr. M. Aloysia offered to take over a class in St. Peter’s Parish School, until assistance came from Germany. Reverend Mother also assigned her to be superior in the small convent community. . . . On September 8, the second group of missionaries, made up of three teachers and a sister for the housekeeping, boarded ship in Bremerhaven. . . When Mother M. Chrysostoma returned to Europe on September 21, she left twelve sisters behind in the New World. Their richly blessed work was beginning in three schools” (History of the Congregation, Part One, Sr. M RaphaelitaBöckmann), p. 15.

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  1. Catherine Schneider on July 11, 2024 at 7:03 am

    Beautiful tradition of education!

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