What Song Has Rocked Your World?

Little children repeat and repeat and repeat songs. Why? Because of the experience connected to the song. The song is fun, its words funny, it has actions easy to remember and delightful to do. Adults repeat songs, too. Is there a funeral that doesn’t sing “Amazing Grace” or “How Great Thou Art” or “On Eagle’s Wings”?

Healing and comfort exude from the words and melody. We find community in the singing of such songs.

As summer approaches, church musicians are searching for substitutes so they can get a well-deserved vacation or attend a workshop. But there are few musicians around. What can parishes do about this lack?  Invite youth to jam, offer free music lessons, advertise “Come volunteer, and we will ruin you for life,” have a flash choir that practices and immediately sings the next Mass all within two hours. Select songs that rock their world.

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