What now?

There’s something magical about the whole world coming together for the Olympics.  They certainly bring our competitive spirit to the fore, but there is also the shared amazement at the incredible ability of each athlete.  I’m always struck by the effort and sacrifice these individuals and their families put forth with the hope of being named “best in the world.”

As I watched some of the closing ceremony last night, it left me with a sense of “What now?” What will happen now to those athletes who were declared winners?  What will be the future of those who didn’t make it to the winning platforms?  What will life be like for the people of Great Britain when everyone leaves and goes home?  What impact will these Olympic games have had on the way I live my daily life? What now?

I’d like to think I come away with a renewed sense of giving my very best to whatever I’m doing, of celebrating the amazing things I see people doing around me each and every day, and of focusing on those things that unite us rather than our differences.

What lessons are you taking away from the Olympics?

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