As we celebrate this Memorial Day, I’m mindful of the many women and men who have more than generously given their lives as the price for our freedom.  Whether these individuals died while serving or continued to live fully the Gospel mandate of laying down their lives for another, I am grateful for their service.  I thank God for my Dad who fought and was wounded in World War II as well as my two nephews who more recently served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea.

I’m taking time today to also say a prayer for those family members who have sacrificed and supported these individuals.  Spouses, parents, children and siblings have also given generously to support our basic rights and freedoms.  Perhaps Mary knew this well as she witnessed Jesus leaving home to speak out for justice and freedom in the lives of those he encountered.  How well she must have known anxiety and concern as news trickled back to Nazareth.

Who are the individuals in your life who have served our country?  How will you remember them in prayer today?

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