We Love All Creation in God

The window in the Lial Renewal Center chapel allows the worshipers to see the outdoors though not distinctly. Much of the window is a large yellow circle that seems to embrace the outdoors, signaling “Come in! Come in!” And at the very center of the yellow circle is the tabernacle, miraculously containing the Lord of the Universe. The chapel window is a visual image of what our fidelity to our life of chastity calls us to realize; namely, that we love all creation in God–the heron flying over the lake, peonies and violets, grapes on the vine, leaves rustling in the breeze. In his letters to the Ephesians and Colossians, Paul tells us that God is in everything. Ever since the Ascension of Jesus into heaven we live in a God-filled world. God and Nature: inseparable Beauty. In Christ we love all creation in God.

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