Foundresses Sr. Mary Aloysia and Sr. Mary Ignatia

Our founding sister, Sister Maria Aloysia Wolbring, put herself into the hands of the dear God and, whether in Germany or the United States, did whatever needed to be done. Sometimes she was a local superior, sometimes not. She taught school, catechized, took care of the aged, managed a farm, struggled with American climate and language, served as advisor to the Superior General (although never a major superior herself), started many new affiliations, and most importantly prayed. In everything she trusted in God’s provident care.

Where are you being called to trust in God’s provident care?

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  1. Kathy on March 13, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Thank you for that thought provoking question which I ask myself daily. Thy will can be a scary place if we don’t live in his will daily. Knowing he has only our best interest in mind and knows what is best for us we forge forward…

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