To You Who Are Grieving

As we watch television, read news or hear from our friends and relatives, we know of persons who have recently died. The number of sick who have died from the virus without the comfort of family is staggering. Multiplied exponentially is the number of persons grieving the death of their loved ones. Multiply again, and we are aware of thousands of more persons for whom grief never completely leaves.

To all in grief, be aware that grief is not predictable. Grief may be a chronic pain, or it may occur unexpectedly. It has no beginning and no end date. Nor should we feel pressured to “get over it.”

Let us pray for those who have died in this pandemic, as well as their mourners. Let us offer the sacrifices of our isolation or inconvenience, as well as our own grief, for them. May the Sorrowful Mother intercede for all of us. She understands.

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  1. cathy on April 1, 2020 at 11:34 am