The Power of Presence

We all know of people whose presence can light up a room, put everyone at ease, and bring out the best in those present.  Today’s Gospel reading from Mark relates that Jesus had this effect on people.  Everyone flocked to him, wanting to be near enough to him that they could touch the tassle of his cloak, because his presence brought them healing and made them whole.

I suspect that Mary’s presence had a similar effect on people, since she carried the presence of Jesus in a transparent and unhindered way.  While crowds may not have gathered at her door, I think she was someone who had a way of making others feel comfortable, at home, and whole.  She nurtured the life of Jesus in herself and in each person she met.

Several of our Sisters have the privilege of being present to others in healing ministries. Sister Mary Camilla Lochotzki serves as a nurse at Rosary Care Center, Sister Mary Maxine Young is a chaplain at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, Sister Mary Corese Floyd visits the sick as a pastoral minister, and many of our other Sisters tend to those who are ill and elderly.  I thank God for these Sisters and all caregivers who find simple ways of sharing the power of Jesus’ healing presence with those in need.

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