The Image of God Inside Us

Ronald Rolheiser in his book Sacred Fire writes that our emotions, appetites and thoughts are so huge and insatiable because “we have the image and likeness of God inside of us.” And “God is fire, infinite fire, and that infinite fire…is also inside us,” causing our hearts and minds wanting to be everywhere.
When Mary and Joseph held the Baby Jesus in their arms, did they feel the fire? Did they sense the energy of creation coming to its fullness in the Incarnate Word? Was there something of the Holy Spirit emanating from the Baby as he sighed in sleep? Did Jesus’ first steps want to go everywhere? Did his childish prattle give a hint that he was the Word of God?
O Jesus, Word Incarnate, Love-energy itself, You are the image of God—and so are we. Never let us squelch the fire, but let it roar in us and in the universe until there is only Your Fire.

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