The Emmaus Story – My Favorite Story

Do you ever look forward to your favorite Scripture story, waiting for it to be read in church? Well, I do. I anticipate my favorite Gospel story on Wednesday in Easter Week. Remember the story of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus? Every year I sympathize with Cleopas’s dejection over Jesus’ crucifixion and wonder how Cleopas and companion couldn’t recognize the Stranger. Since I’m a teacher at heart, I love to listen to Jesus teaching the history of the Chosen People from the time of Moses to the time of “the Christ [who] should suffer these things and enter into his glory.”  The two wouldn’t let Jesus go. They pleaded with him to stay, and then it happened. Their eyes were opened at the breaking of the bread. Then the two had their own story to tell the Eleven who already knew the Lord had been raised. I imagine a whole lot of disciples shouting and clapping and doing happy dances.  My heart burns within me at that Scripture passage.  When you read or listen to the Scriptures, when do you say “Were not our hearts burning within us when he. . .opened the Scriptures to us?”

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