As we begin this Lenten season, there may be a variety of things running through our minds and hearts.  Some people I know experience Lent as a true season of penance; they can’t wait until it’s over for another year! Some take it in stride as a necessary part of the liturgical year; they more or less invest in the practices of the season.  Then there are those I know who truly look forward to this season, not because it’s easy but because the purpose of Lent speaks to something deep within.

As I received my ashes at Mass this morning, I found myself wondering just what difference this Lenten season would make in my life.  Will I truly be more in love with Jesus Christ and live more like Him as a result of the coming weeks? Isn’t that what the conversion of Lent is all about? I want to choose those resolutions that will help make me a closer and more faithful disciple of Jesus.

If anyone knows what it means to follow Jesus, it is Mary. She knows the heart of her Son better than any other. She understands that truly knowing him invites us to experience all of life with him – the joys and struggles, sufferings and successes that we encounter.  If we are open, she can help us find Jesus in every moment of every day.

Let’s pray for one another on this Lenten journey that the difference these days make will be real, and we won’t end the season with a regretful “So what?”  How will you grow this Lenten season?

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