Run Forth to Meet Christ 

The opening prayer of Advent asks God for “resolve to run forth to meet your Christ.” The First Reading bids “Come, let us climb the Lord’s mountain.” It sounds as if we’ll need a lot of energy and stamina between now and Christmas. But don’t rest up for the journey. Habitually we’re told to “awake from sleep.” Actually, we’re to “make no provisions for the desires of the flesh.” Why so much running? Why so little sleeping? Why can’t we pamper our bodies a little? Well, it’s just that stage in the world’s history. Christ has already come as the Head of Creation. Christ is always coming in the ordinary stuff of life—like the eating and drinking mentioned in the Gospel. But the focus?  Christ will be coming! We’re called to the future. We’re called to live an eschatological way of life. What does that mean? Make a better future. Try to make this time look more like the end times at the Second Coming. How so? The Scriptures say nothing about Heifer International, research for cures, making food baskets, caroling in nursing homes. Or does it? Isn’t that Advent’s outcome? You gave food and money and a helping hand. Come, inherit the Kingdom, because you made every moment a chance to meet Christ now and in his return.

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  1. CATHERINE SCHNEIDER on November 27, 2022 at 8:29 am