Oh, the Possibilities!

“Oh, the possibilities!” sounds like a phrase from a Dr. Seuss book. But it also characterizes who we will be in heaven.  Maria von Trapp wrote: “We shall remain the individuals we have been here on earth, but the possibilities which were created into us shall now find fulfillment.” We have a lifetime to reach our full potential, but I imagine that we all fall a bit short. The super athlete who misses the gold. The novelist whose works never made it to Oprah’s book club list. The contestant who lost on Jeopardy. The parents who feel they could have done more for their children. Those who lost jobs through no fault of their own. We may have time before our deaths to reflect on the “incompletes” in our lives. Yet we hope that God’s face will shine on us and bring to completion all that God intended when God created us. I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

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  1. Catherine Schneider on February 25, 2022 at 9:45 am

    Love this and all your entries!!