“Martha! Martha!”

Today’s gospel story is well known. Martha welcomes Jesus to her home. At the time of Jesus, men welcomed men into their home. I wonder where Lazarus was, that the honor fell to Martha. Yet the story of these two sisters gives evidence that the early Christians had much higher regard for women than others of that era had for them. Around the time Luke wrote his gospel we read in the Acts of the Apostles how some widows were being neglected. The disciples wanted to help; however, they realized that they could not leave their evangelizing tasks and journeys. The solution? Deacons, those known for their diakonia (service). Deacons were both men and women. In this story, Martha had a problem and a solution for her busyness; namely, she had too much to do and her sister could help her. Though Jesus was presented with this solution, he didn’t act on it.  Instead he made an important announcement by using Martha’s name twice. “Martha, Martha.” Service is important and appreciated. There are times places and persons for service in the Church. Yet the most important element in being a disciple is listening to the Word of God. That would never be taken from Mary.

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