Knowing Creation through God

waterfallAppreciating creation and then thanking the Creator is a beautiful way to know and love God. A waterfall reminds us of the God of Life. A newborn reveals the God of Tender Love. Flowers, insects, and animals are an endless source of amazement in the God of Infinite Creativity. When appreciating nature leads to thanking God, the direction goes from creation to Creator. But there is another direction; that is, from Creator to creation. In God I appreciate the waterfall. With God I love the baby. The God of Infinite Creativity shows me a new way to look at flowers and animals. More and more people are looking at the Universe Story, the story that goes in both directions. We look at the expanding universe and are amazed at God’s brilliance. We look at the Firstborn of all Creatures and begin to understand how each flower, insect, or person “continues in being” (Colossians 1:17).

O God, you are the beginning of all. The universe resides in you. Bring me closer to You so that I can come closer to your creation.

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