International Health Care Conference

Yesterday was our house’s “road trip” day as we took two of our Sisters to Covington, KY, for the SND International Health Care Conference.  Sisters from our provinces all over the world are meeting these next two weeks to share the many ways our Sisters engage in health care.  It was quite exciting to see Sisters from India, Indonesia, Korea, Europe and the U.S. already gathered.  The Sisters from Brazil were still on their way.

I’m grateful that Sister Mary Ralph Gerdeman, our province pharmacist, and Sister Mary Jo Toll whose ministry is with our UN NGO are at the meeting to represent our province.  Already yesterday as the Sisters gathered, there was talk of new and innovative ways our Sisters might collaborate with health care initiatives.

Being the loving mother she was, I’m sure Mary knew much about caring for the physical and mental well-being of others.  It seems likely that Jesus’ healing ministry had its foundation in the love and care He experienced in His early years.  As in all of our ministries, our Sisters in health care look to Jesus and Mary to know how to best meet the needs of others.

Have you experienced the healing care (physical, mental, spiritual) of one of our Sisters?  Have you been a source of healing ministry for someone?

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