As Sisters of Notre Dame, we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation today as our Congregational patronal feast.   This day was marked as our patronal feast in 1969. In her letter to our Sisters on that day, Mother Mary Anselm wrote of Mary’s response:

1. Mary was READY FOR GOD’S MOMENTS in her life; she was spiritually alert; she caught the Message; she understood it.

2. Mary said “Yes” to God, bringing Christ into the world, a Savior for mankind.

3. Mary LIVED BY FAITH; she had absolute faith in God. She could accept the second message of the Angel: “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD!”

4. Mary was NOURISHED BY PRAYER.  Prayer was her atmosphere; therefore we see her magnificent RELIGIOUS POISE before the most startling Message ever given and the STRONG CALM of her FIAT.

We pray today, not only for all of our Sisters and Associates, but for all those with whom and to whom we minister.  May you be blessed with the same generous spirit that enabled Mary to say “YES” to all that God dreamed for her.

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