Fountain Fullness   


star over Bethlehem    Water was everything to the people of Israel, so the coming of the Messiah was marked by rivers and fountains and lush greenery. Water in abundance was a definite sign of God’s presence.

God created humans with a destiny toward divine plenitude. We’re evolving toward a new heaven and a new earth that Chardin calls the “Pleroma Christi.” Humans are evolving into a super-consciousness when we all will have the mind of Christ. This far surpasses a personal process as in “I gotta get to heaven.” Rather all humanity and all created matter are on the way toward the whole universe becoming part of the divine plenitude. That’s fountain fullness.

Advent is more than pulling out the crib and musing “Jesus was so cute lying in the manger.”  Jesus Christ was born of Mary and he is other people (Mt. 25) and is one with the Universe. Let’s sing about this, using the melody “Frosty the Snowman.”

Mary and Joseph took a trip to Bethlehem,

            Had to travel there—it was census time—but they had no place to stay.

            Down to the stable soon a baby born for us.

            Jesus came to show and to help us know that God brings us happiness.

            It must have been God’s special love from billion eons past

            That put God in the heart of all—atoms and all molecules.

            Then down through all the stages—biosphere to noosphere—Christ is the one who’s present: that’s called Christogenesis!

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