I couldn’t help but smile as we tried to make our way from Mass at the Cathedral to the Provincial Center this morning.  What is usually a 7 minute drive ended up taking closer to 25 minutes.  Our first delay was a tiny dog that wandered out into the street and hid under a truck that had stopped for a school bus. Fortunately, the driver of the truck had seen the dog.  Traffic stopped as everyone waited to see if the dog would run out, but it was too frightened to move.  It wasn’t until the driver climbed out of his truck, got down on the ground and coaxed the dog out that it finally made its way across the street.  And all this on a city street at a fairly busy time of the morning!

After that, we entered the construction zone and single lane traffic. Yes, the world of orange barrels!  We slowly wound our way through.  Upon reaching our property, it became clear that we wouldn’t be making the usual left hand turn into the property because of the backed up traffic. A detour around the block solved the issue, and here we are!

It seems I find ourselves facing detours, road blocks and interruptions of many kinds during my days.  Each one presents me with the choice of becoming irritated or taking in the present moment.  Mary knew how to make the best of the unexpected twists and turns in her life. I do well to take to heart her advice, “Do whatever He tells you.”

How will I respond to the detours I encounter today?

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