This week marks my first as a staff member of the Ark. The Ark is an emergency  nondenominational shelter for youth which began as a project of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


rainbowThe Missionary Sisters began their work with youth in 1971, establishing the New Life prevention program for girls, followed by the Turnaround prevention program for boys. By the late 1990s the Missionary Sisters and their prevention program administrator, Delma Trejo realized that a more comprehensive program was needed to provide 24/7 services. Five acres of land donated from the Diocese of Corpus Christi became the Ark’s site, creating an emergency shelter for children and youth.  The Ark has since expanded (2002) and we can accommodate 37 children ages 0 through 17 years old.

The children who come to us are abused physically, sexually or neglected by parents or guardians. Our Notre Dame foundress, Hilligonde Wohlbring would agree that these are the orphaned children of today similar to the children in need she worked with in Coesfeld, Germany during the 1850s.  If you want to learn more about the Ark visit

Keep us in your prayers! Sr. Kerstin Maria




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