Because of Great Love

Jesus was eating again! Apparently table conversation gave Jesus great opportunity to evangelize. Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner (Lk. 7:36-50). You remember the story in which a weeping woman anointed Jesus’ feet. When Simon, the host, noted this, he thought to himself that Jesus was certainly not a prophet. Jesus, knowing his thoughts, told a story about two people in debt. Who would be most grateful after the debt was dissolved? Of course, the one with the greater debt. In the culture of the first century, though, no debt could ever be fully repaid, because the financial debt when paid still left someone in personal debt—a permanent debt of gratitude. Having less love, Simon was less forgiven. On the other hand, the woman’s great love let her “many sins [be] forgiven.”

As Christians, do we quickly let ourselves off the hook, or do we realize we can never repay God’s forgiveness? The demands of the gospel may seem overwhelming, but the ideals of gospel living may never be lowered. There’s always room for more gratitude.

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