As a proud alum of Notre Dame Academy, I am very excited that our basketball team is going to the state playoffs this weekend for the first time in our history !  The girls and their coaches have certainly worked hard to get to this point, and we as Sisters are so proud of them. 

As the excitement continues to unfold, I’m aware of a parallel with the spiritual life. I heard a homily the other day in which we were reminded not to be just “good” but to strive to be “great” – to be a saint!  I think I’m basically a good person; I don’t commit major crimes or serious sins.  I wonder though how hard I work at becoming “great”?  Do I truly desire to be a saint?  I can learn much from the discipline and practice of the basketball team and their singular focus to be their best. I’m hoping the disciplines of this Lenten season will keep me focused as well.

Mary understood the importance of recognizing all she had received as gifts from God and then striving to use those gifts in the best way possible. Whether our girls win the state title or not (and I certainly hope they do!), I know for certain they’ve given it their best.  I hope I can say the same.


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