A Life of Love and Care

Sister Mary Susanne Wenninger died on March 23 after almost 99 years of life and 78 years as a Sister of Notre Dame! That Sister’s family was blessed with many priestly and religious vocations speaks to the vibrant faith alive in their home.

Caregiver seems an apt word to characterize Sister Mary Susanne when we recall that she served as teacher, principal, local coordinator and nurse’s aide.  A sister who knew her well remarked that Sister Mary Susanne had a way of knowing your needs before you voiced them, and was quick to generously offer you an assisting hand.

Letter writing and care packages were ways that Sister Mary Susanne reached out to our sisters who lived far away—in the foreign missions or in a distant state.  Her letters were always handwritten and filled with news from home.  She had a heart for the needy and would gather gifts each Christmas for the Santa Shop at one of our central city schools.   There was a special place in her heart for our Papua New Guinea mission where her sister, Sister Mary Virginia, and her niece, Sister Mary de Porres, spent many years in missionary service.

Sister’s giving and generous spirit certainly echoes the loving care that Mary showed to Jesus and all those she encountered.  May Mary welcome Sister home with open arms!

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