The Scripture readings for today’s liturgy speak of signs and faith.  In the Gospel, we read of one of the few times that Jesus expressed frustration over an obvious lack of faith. The Pharisees request — We want a sign. We want proof. — ended with Jesus leaving their midst and finding others to whom He could minister.

It seems to me there is a difference between asking for proof and asking for clarity. After experiencing the angel Gabriel’s message, Mary also asked a question, but her question sought a further clarity that would enable her to do God’s will.  She didn’t ask for proof that the angel was real or that all would turn out well in the end.  She asked how she could be part of the unfolding of God’s plan.

Sometimes I can also get caught in “proof”-seeking or wanting to know the end result.  It’s not that God forbids me to ask questions, but He desires that I ask in faith.  What do I need to know in order to have the clarity needed to live His will?

Lord, I do believe. Help my unbelief.

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